Biology: Camo Chameleon

Biology: Camo Chameleon


What makes good camouflage? Why do Army personnel wear camouflage? Why do they have different colours of camouflage? Why are their vehicles camouflaged?

This interactive look at this use of visual deception is perfect for curious minds learning to look closely at the world. We will discover not only the use of camouflage within the Army and the history of camouflage in the military, but also within the natural world.

Bringing together biology and design, this pair of cross-curricular lessons explores how camouflage works, the link between biology and living things, different relationships within the ecosystem and how organisms affect and are affected by their environment. 
Suitable for both classroom and home based learning, this lesson discusses the uses of camouflage in modern society.


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Biology Camo Chameleon - British Army Jobs