Computing: CSI Missing Links

Computing: CSI Missing Links

Computing & ICT

An infamous cyber-criminal is on the run, and you need to track him down before he can wreak havoc on the country.

Your pupils will be a part of a major mission to stop the cyber hacker before he can carry out another cyber-attack from a new country. 
Due to the prevalence of technology, cyber security is one of the greatest opportunities and threats known to humanity. Your pupils will already use computers daily, but probably don't pay much attention to personal data, or even know what it is! It's time to change that and this lesson is a great place to start.

Now, more than ever, online safety is crucial for your pupils to understand the dangers with improper protection. With 1 in 10 who use social media claiming to be a victim of a cyber-attack, this lesson will not only encourage learning but also awareness of online dangers.

An interactive lesson with accompanying resources for the activity, this is perfect for team building in a classroom setting whilst also providing your pupils with a STEM lesson relating to real-life situations.


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