Design & Tech: Spaghetti Strut

Design & Tech: Spaghetti Strut

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You’re lost with little to no supplies, deep in the Savannah whilst on a conservation mission. How are you going to signal for help?

In this practical lesson, your class will step into the boots of conservationists operating in extreme desert conditions. They will learn all about perseverance and teamwork, alongside how to engineer structures using their knowledge of strong shapes and pressure.

In the exercise, your pupils will learn they are conducting a surveillance exercise on wildlife and poachers. The teams are protecting critically endangered White Rhinos, they have completed their mission and scared off the poachers...But now they're lost and need to signal for help. Unfortunately, there is no signal and so they have to get the radio antenna (in the form of a pencil) as high as possible on unstable desert terrain.

Using the materials available to the unit (uncooked spaghetti and Sellotape), your pupils must build the tallest tower possible on a base of dry sand. Classroom or home-based, your pupils will enjoy this interactive lesson.


Spaghetti Strut Lesson
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Spaghetti Strut Teacher Guidance
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Design and Tech Spaghetti Strut - British Army Jobs