Employability Skills

Employability Skills

PSHE & Citizenship

How can you prepare your students for life after full time education and give them the tools to succeed in the job marketplace?
A complete scheme of work that covers all aspects of the job-seeking process. 6 lessons each with supporting videos, presentations and thought-provoking worksheets run through different aspects of employability skills.

Lesson 1: How do you find out about careers? 
Lesson 2: Identifying their own strengths and finding areas to improve. 
Lesson 3: Applying for jobs. Writing a good application applying the STAR method. 
Lesson 4: Interviewing skills. Using filmed case studies, students explore the art of the good job interview. 
Lesson 5: In the workplace. Students will identify the importance of resilience in the workplace, and how to develop it. 
Lesson 6: Money management. Students explore budgeting in different scenarios.

Aligned to both the Gatsby Benchmarks and the PSHE Guidelines.


Employability Lessons 1 and 2
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Employability Lessons 3 and 4
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Employability Lessons 5 and 6
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Our Employability lessons are supported with engaging film content. Follow Rae, Ellie and Hasan as they plan out the next steps in their careers.

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Employability Skills - British Army Jobs