Maths: Escape & Evade

Maths: Escape & Evade


You have been captured! You need to crack the security code to the door. The only thing to help you is… maths?

Escape and Evade is a game, but not just any game: it's a game of survival. Your entire class has been captured by smugglers and imprisoned in separate huts. Working in teams and using the maps provided, your class must break out of the huts, collect the items they need to escape and reach the train station. They will tackle obstacles, different terrain and guards as they go and will have to keep their wits sharp in order to escape to safety.

Complete with optional homework handouts, this lesson captures how using mathematics can be used in action. This STEM lesson stimulates the creative mind whilst also teaching your pupils about the practical application of mathematics.


Escape And Evade Lesson
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Escape And Evade Teacher Guidance
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Escape And Evade Activity Resources
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Maths Escape and Evade - British Army Jobs