Music Skills: Trumpet Edition

Music Skills: Trumpet Edition

British Army Music brings you a toolkit of four engaging resources, helping to bridge the gap between KS3 Music and the Music GCSE curriculum. It is also aligned to the Scottish Nat 5 Music curriculum. This trumpet resource is introduced by Musician Flossie Plain and Staff Sergeant Paul Mason. Flossie explores the techniques and style of her specialism: classical trumpet music, whereas Paul guides us through the techniques and style of jazz trumpet. 

Each resource focuses on one instrument to develop a wide range of skills, covering instrument knowledge, music history, as well as composition and listening skills. They have been designed to make lesson planning simple, with the option to be completed as a full-length lesson or individual elements used as lesson starters, extension activities, homework or to aid in revision. The resource consists of an in depth video, class slides, and worksheet with tasks for students to complete as a class or independently.


Army Music Skills Trumpet Edition
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GCSE Music Skills Trumpet

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