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The Remembrance teaching resources help students aged 11–16 understand how different people commemorate Remembrance, what Remembrance is and why we remember.

These resources include materials for an assembly and lesson, both featuring a short film interviewing current Army personnel, young people and founder of BlackPoppyRose, Selena Carty. The assembly defines Remembrance, looks at the different people we might remember and provides an overview of Remembrance events, both traditional and modern. The lesson looks in greater detail at the history of Remembrance from 1914 to the present day, as well as exploring how different people commemorate Remembrance in the UK. Students are then asked to create their own act of Remembrance for their school community, based on their evaluation of different sources.

The Remembrance resources could be used as part of your school’s Remembrance Day events or as part of the general learning curriculum – with links to PSHE/Health and Wellbeing and history. The resources are flexible and editable to adapt to different groups and time available. Teacher’s notes, student slides and activity sheets are all provided.


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Remembrance - British Army Jobs