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Whatever questions you have, you'll find the answers here, in our FAQ section. We've also pulled together some useful links for more info on specific areas, including faith, welfare and LGBT+

What happens if they get injured?

Medical and psychological support for our people, if they get injured is world class.

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My child is thinking of dropping out of training. How can I support them?

There are lots of reasons why new recruits decide to drop out of training. People miss home, their girlfriend or boyfriend is putting pressure on them or it's not what they expected. You, as a parent needs to be the rock that grounds them, that brings them back to reality and helps them stay positive. They will either fight through and stick with it or it will get too much for them and they will decide to leave. Many recruits who left training early regret not sticking with it.

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My child hasn’t got great academic qualifications – can they learn in the Army?

Yes, we develop and actively encourage our people to take part in learning. The Army provides direct financial support to attending educational courses as well as delivering many specialist career enhancing courses that map directly across to civilian qualifications.

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My child wants to join the Army rather than go to university – will they still get an education?

The Army encourages every soldier to develop themselves both intellectually as well as physically. The Army is the largest provider of apprenticeships in the UK. As well as this, there are many opportunities to conduct both in-service degrees as well as sabbatical degree opportunities.

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Will they be able to come home at all?

There are weekends and holiday periods built into training and we encourage all recruits to spent time at home.

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Are they allowed to take their phone?

Yes. Your son or daughter will be able to use their phone during their own time. During the day, while they are training, like in any job, they won't have the chance to use their phone, but they are free to make and receive calls when they are not working.

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Support networks


The Army Welfare Service (AWS) is the Army’s professional welfare provider. It delivers a comprehensive and confidential welfare service to individuals and their families.


There are currently over 50 religions observed in the British Army. The Army will always help its soldiers and officers observe the customs of your faith, whether that's making time to pray to following a specific diet or dress code.


Everyone in the Army, no matter what their sexual orientation or gender identity, has the right to be treated fairly with dignity and respect.


Army Benefits

The Army offers so much more than your everyday 9-5. Find out more about what the Army has to offer.

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Types of role

You can join the Army in one of over 100 roles, all of which offer the chance to gain skills and qualifications including apprenticeships. Discover more about the different types of opportunities on offer.

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