Types of role in the Army

Combat. Engineering. Logistics & Support. HR & Finance. Intelligence, IT & Comms. Medical. Music.

The British Army offers a wide range of roles, all of which come with training, support and opportunities to progress through the ranks. Learn more about the seven capability streams that come together to make today's Army.

Combat roles

In a Combat role – as an Infantry Soldier or a Tank Crewman, for example – soldiers are part of a fast-moving and responsive unit, taking part in a variety of operations around the world. Watch Video

Comms, IT & Intelligence roles

Communications, IT and Intelligence based roles work to keep troops connected and informed. They ensuring our lines of communication are working effectively and free from security breaches. They receive skills and qualifications that help them in this field when they leave. Watch Video

Engineering roles

Engineers are the specialists who keep the Army moving. From Bricklayers to Electricians, Vehicle Mechanics to Mapping and Planning Specialists. Each role offers training and qualifications including apprenticeships and even degrees. Watch Video

HR and Finance roles

Soldiers and officers who work in HR & Finance play a key role in keeping the Army in perfect working order, and have the opportunity to earn qualifications including becoming an chartered accountant. Watch Video

Logistics and Support roles

In a Logistics and Support role, soldiers and officers are responsible for keeping the Army running; ensuring troops have all the equipment, resources and support they need. They are given professional training for the role, and the opportunity to progress and earn qualifications. Watch Video

Medical roles

The Army has many medical roles, including nurses, doctors, dentists, veterinary roles and combat medical technicians. Some roles will need you to have qualifications already (but there are bursaries available to help you financially while you study) and others, like Student Nurse will fully train you.  Watch Video

Musical roles

The Army has 14 bands, playing a range of genres from traditional marching, jazz, classical and pop. Army Musicians travel and play for the public, other soldiers as well as VIPs including royalty and heads of state. Watch Video

Army Benefits

The Army offers so much more than your everyday 9-5. Find out more about what the Army has to offer.

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We know that when your son or daughter is talking about joining the Army, you'll have lots of questions. We've  put together some of the most commonly asked questions.

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