Assessment centre fitness tests

The assessment centre fitness tests have been updated to help reflect the types of tasks that soldiers carry out in their everyday lives. This video shows what you can expect when you go the Assessment Centre.


To find out what you will need to achieve at assessment centre, visit role finder for fitness details.


Everyone joining the Army will need to pass a fitness test.

If you're looking to join as a soldier, you'll go through a range of strength and stamina tests, as well as a run. The tests that you'll take as part of this training have recently changed. 

The new tests are designed to be a better reflection of the type of tasks that you will use in the Army. They are not harder, and the training that you've done towards the old tests will also help you through the new ones.

PTI demonstrating the ball throw


There are specific tests you'll need to take during officer selection and the pre-entry tests.

Beep test (Multistage Fitness Test) :

You need to run between two lines, 20m apart in time with a beep. The beeps get steadily faster. Your score is based on the point where you can no longer keep up. You need to reach level 8.6 to pass.

You will also take the following tests in addition to the multistage fitness test and the obstacle course:

Ball throw:

  • Throw a 4kg medicine ball, from a seated position

 Mid thigh pull:

  • Standing in front of a bar set to mid-thigh height, you'll be asked to pull the bar upwards for 5 seconds


Eating well

Getting yourself in top condition to join the Army includes focusing on your diet. Eating well will help you feel more energised and reach your fitness goals. There are loads of guides to follow to get inspired about eating well. This will also help you stay on track to have a healthy BMI - which you need to pass.

After assessment

It's important to remember that you need to keep a level of fitness after your assessment, so that you're in great shape when it comes to starting your training. Being in the Army is physically demanding, and you need to get your body ready for this by staying fit while you wait for your start date.

Your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Your BMI (body mass index), is a score that is worked out from your weight and height. It is used to work out if you're a healthy weight or under/over weight.

Why is it important?

Joining the Army is physically challenging, and if you're not in good condition, you're at a higher risk of injury during training.

You can check your BMI and get advice from the NHS website.

BMI scores for joining the Army

If you're looking to join the Army, you'll be expected to meet the following scores:

  • Over 18: BMI = 18 - 28
  • 16 & 17: BMI = 17 - 27
You might still be able to join if you are:
  • Male over 18 with a BMI between 28 and 32
  • Female over 18 with a BMI between 28 and 30

It could still be possible to join the Army, following extra assessments.


Whether you're just thinking about joining the Army, have applied, or are waiting to join, our 100% ArmyFit app can help you prepare. 

Newly updated, the app will test your current fitness level, and then build you a workout plan based on the areas you need to develop, as well as how long you have until you visit the assessment centre.

Designed by Army physical training instructors, the app will help you develop your overall fitness levels, which will help you to build and maintain a good physical standard, without risking injury. The app has videos to help you master the right techniques, and a training programme, designed to help you progress.


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