Tips to help you improve you overall fitness ready for the Assessment Centre and when you start your training. 

  • Ensure that you use proper running shoes when training
  • Start gradually, from brisk walking to jogging, then running
  • Always warm up and stretch before and after you exercise
  • Keep yourself hydrated and eat well before and after exercise
  • Make sure you give yourself time to recover between sessions
  • If possible, find someone to train with so that you can motivate each other
  • You can also download Strava to help track your fitness activity.


Your assessment will take place over two days. You will travel to the Assessment Centre the day before your assessment and your recruiter will organise your travel.

You will be emailed the exact details of your Army Assessment course along with a list of what you will need to bring. There are four centres, and you will be sent to your nearest one. These are Glencorse, Belfast, Lichfield and Pirbright.

You will need to take ID along with you (view acceptable ID list) You'll be given food either in the cookhouse, or packed lunch if needed. Let your Candidate Support Manager (CSM) know if you've got any special dietary requirements. If you're fasting for Religious reasons, let us know and we'll find another date for you.

We strongly recommend you:
  • Learn as much as you can about the Army
  • Consider a few roles you may be interested in
During your assessment, you will take part in:
  • A medical review
  • Physical assessment to ensure you meet the standards for training
  • Computer-based assessments to identify which roles you’ll be suited to in the Army
  • Team exercises to see how you work with other people
  • A Career Discussion to talk about your results and decide which job is right for you.

All of this is designed to find out if you could be a potential soldier. You’ll have time before your assessment to prepare yourself.