Your first visit to Westbury will be the 24-hour AOSB Briefing. Here, you’ll be taught how to prepare for your next visit, the Main Board, and assessed during physical and practical exercises.

The AOSB Briefing is your stage for the day: so be sure to arrive well rested and well prepared. However, don’t be worried by the tests; they’re designed to help us understand your development needs before you attend the Main Board.

Main Board

The next step will be your invitation to attend the Main Board, which is a three and a half day residential assessment. You’ll need to arrive physically and mentally fit as the tests will be demanding. For this reason, you may be advised to wait between Briefing and Main Board so you come prepared to perform at your best.

If your performance at Briefing indicates you’re ready for the Main Board you could be allocated a place within four or five weeks – but the important thing is to make sure you’re ready.

Main Board

Day 1:

  • Physical tests
  • Introductory talk - tips on how to make the most of your trip
  • Written tests - an essay and tests on general knowledge, current affairs and military knowledge
  • Psychometric tests - a measure of your cognitive and personality profile

Day 2:

  • Interview - you'll be asked about your experiences and interests, and why you are applying to be an Army officer
  • Outdoor tasks- these are group exercises in practical problem solving that you practiced at Briefing
  • Tutorial- a revision period in preparation for the planning exercise

Day 3:

  • Planning exercise - a test of conceptual problem solving delivered through a written solution and a group discussion
  • Command task - Outdoor activities where you'll take turns to lead the group
  • Obstacle course - Take on as many obstacles as you can within a time limit
  • Lecture - Give a 5 minute talk and take answers from the group
  • Evening - Team dinner. You're already forming friendships that will last a lifetime

Day 4:

  • Final race - on the last day you take part in the final exercise - an outdoor team competition between all the different groups.
What happens next? The Board Officers meet to assess each candidate. You'll find out whether you've passed once you've left.


Assessment will examine your ability to develop through training at Sandhurst. Ever aspect will be assessed and no single activity will lead to non-selection.
  • Research and understand which part of the Army you want to serve in
  • Use the Army Fit app to check your fitness - and make sure you can easily meet the fitness standards required
  • Be aware of current affairs, especially any about society or defence
  • Be yourself, and enjoy the experience