animal mascots

What do a horse, pony, wolfhound, goat, ram and antelope all have in common? They've all been a military mascot.
Military mascots have been part of life in the Army for many years, and are a clear way to see how the Army values tradition and ceremony.

Regimental mascots are awarded a regimental number, given a proper rank, with prospects of promotion and get fair share of Army rations. They are looked after by the Regiments, and receive their medical care from the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. In return, the mascot needs to be judged to be able to take part in ceremonial occasions as well as have a connection to the history and traditions of it's regiment.

Not any animal can become a mascot, and there are quite a few Regimental Pets, who are not recognised by the Army, but are used as unofficial battalion mascots. These include two ferrets belonging to the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment.

Head over to Forces TV's Facebook page to watch a video of what happened when the mascots got together recently.

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