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Wizard Sometimes it feels like getting a good grade is a dark art. You either find that the magic was inside you all along or that the gift is something other people have, and you don’t. This simply isn’t true. Some people might have a knack for picking up what the teacher is asking for more easily than others, but this doesn’t mean that you have to search around in the dark for the secrets to unlocking a better grade.

Your teachers will be marking your work against ‘criteria’. They won’t just be making it up as they go along. Even what you are being taught, and what you are supposed to learn from each lesson and each subject is written down in a ‘schedule’ or ‘syllabus’. If you want to improve your grade, you can focus your effort on doing what the criteria is asking you to do, instead of just guessing and hoping you are somewhere near the mark.

No one expects you to sit at home reading the marking criteria and the schedule of works- but you can always sit down with your teacher and get them to explain to you and give examples of ‘what good looks like’ and why. Once you understand what you are being asked to do, achieving it is much simpler.

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Soldiers are trusted to achieve very difficult tasks, in very challenging environments. To succeed, they must have a very clear idea of what their commander’s (their boss) ‘intent’ is. They are expected to know and understand not just what their commander is trying to achieve but also what their commander’s commander is trying to achieve.

This means they are not wasting time and energy on activities that won’t help. By knowing what success looks like, and what good looks like- they can focus and plan for it.

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