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Sleeping It's morning. The alarm clock is ringing. Light is creeping through the curtains (if you're lucky and it's not the dead of winter!) Before you even open your eyes, you get the sinking feeling in your belly about all the things you have to do today - none of which feel as good as this warm, comfortable bed and drifting back to sleep. So, you snooze the alarm clock (maybe quite a few times) until you're forced to rise and you mope (or rush) around with the black morning cloud over your head - which filters your feelings and your actions for the rest of the day. Your motivation is low, your energy levels are low and that piece of revision, homework or coursework you were 'definitely going to do today' gets pushed to the side in favour of playing on your phone or catching up on Netflix.

It's an old cliché, you may have heard it a dozen times, but it's still true: 'You should start as you mean to go on'. A good morning routine is important to set the tone for the day. Of course, your routine should involve a healthy, energy rich breakfast and good hygiene. However, having even a basic 'morning ritual' can keep away the morning blues, and be your first little victory of the day, and that little pick up can be all you need to move on to a bigger challenge.


Soldiers have this drilled into them during training, and no matter where they are in the world and no matter how cold, wet and tired they are (and how comfortable a few more minutes of warmth and sleep might be). They do their morning routine to set themselves up for the challenges of the day. At home, in barracks, this will include making their bed and completing 'block jobs' or small household chores. 'In the field' this will include a washing routine and a daily cleaning and inspection of their personal weapon. By focusing on a few small and easy wins first thing, it allows them to beat the 'hard-work-dread' that kept you snoozing the alarm.

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