Stamina Secrets

Stamina is your ability to keep going, even when there’s nothing that you’d like to do more than sit down with a cup of tea...
...the bad news is that there’s no easy way to build your stamina!
So we’ve gathered together some advice from the Army’s own fitness experts to help you keep going for that little bit longer.

Invest in a good pair of trainers and hit the road. If you gradually increase the distance and speed you run over a period of time, you’ll find that your stamina will increase.

Add variety
Boredom is the enemy of getting and staying fit. So if you’re tired of running, try swimming instead. Or get your bike out and go for a ride. Get your mates involved It's much easier to exercise if you've got someone to do it with. Get a friend to come for a run with you or get involved in a team sport.

Try eating healthier
Unhealthy foods like burgers and chocolate might give you an instant energy boost, but it won’t last and you’ll feel hungry again quickly. Eating wholewheat pasta and bread, fruit and vegetables and lean proteins like chicken breast will provide you with more energy for longer.

Stay hydrated
When you exercise, drink plenty of water or sports drinks. Steer clear of sugary carbonated drinks or you’ll do more burping than running.

A Sporting Life

Sport is a way of life in the Army! Name a sport and you can bet the Army does it. From Archery to Boxing, Canoeing to Water-Polo, even Surfing! To be honest the list is almost endless! 

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Jump for joy!

The Army is steeped in history, but when it comes to training its soldiers it’s ahead of its time! 

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Section Attack

Every soldier must train to be prepared for battle. This includes all round protection and ammunition loaded with weapons fully oiled.

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