This is Your Army

Across the world the British Army protects the UK, prevents conflicts and deals with disaster. When the government needs the Army to use its capability it does so - with highly trained brave men and woman.

They all work together to defend the country and are ambassadors at home and abroad, extending a positive impact. There is a constant focus on duty, responsibility, integrity and teamwork, standing for freedom, fairness and tolerance.

Your Army has four main roles.

  • Protect the UK: As well as conducting complex operations fighting abroad, it is the same highly trained soldiers who help support the NHS, deals with floods and trains partner armed forces abroad. The British Army played a key role in the response to COVID-19 throughout the country, delivering diagnostic research equipment in the north of the country and assisting with the collection and delivery of other medical equipment from a number of locations in the South.
  • Prevent Conflict: One of the most important roles of the Army it to prevent conflict before it happens. This is sometimes described as peacekeeping missions. These missions help stabilise newly formed foreign governments. For example, did you know that it is the British Army that is training and developing the Iraqi & Kurdish Security Forces in the middle east?
  • Deal with Disaster: The Army is able to respond to a wide range of tasks at short notice, ready to respond to crises in the UK or overseas such as natural disasters. It was the British Army who helped the people of the Caribbean when Hurricane Irma hit. Providing the local authorities with immediate assistance in the repair of damaged infrastructure and in the distribution of humanitarian aid to the thousands who have lost their homes.
  • Fighting the Nation’s Enemies: Considered its primary purpose, it is the British Army who defends us against potential threats.

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