what's cooking?

It's a tough job, producing a menu and making sure you cook enough food to keep up to 1,000 hungry soldiers happy.
We caught up with one of the Army Chefs to chat about life keeping the soldiers and officers well fed...

What’s it like cooking for so many people on operations?
It’s definitely a challenge. The key is to be organised, and along with the other chefs in my kitchen, we’re a well-oiled machine. We work on the ratio of one chef to 50 soldiers, but there could be 12 of us feeding up to 1,000 troops. We cook three meals a day – from scratch.

Has Army food become more health-conscious in recent years?
Yes. It’s gone from meat and chips to balanced meals without too much salt. Soldiers want to eat well but we need to give them choices, so they still get the occasional burger.

Do your soldiers ever criticise your food?
I like to get to know all the soldiers so they’re comfortable making complaints. But usually they’ll come over and say they’ve enjoyed their meal, which gives me real satisfaction.

If you had to compare yourself to a celebrity chef, who would it be?
I’m not a Ramsay-style shouter, I’m more of a Marco Pierre White type: a bit more chilled out, but I definitely know my stuff!

What’s your best dish?
My curries. They’re pretty special.

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