The Infantry is at the heart of the Army. Found at the front line, the Infantry are involved in all kinds of operations, from peacekeeping and disaster relief to full scale war.

Infantry regiments are spread out across the UK, and have strong connections to their local area - so you'll find yourself proud to represent the not only your country but also your area.

Infanteers start their careers with training at Catterick. This video gives you a taste of what you can expect when you join the Infantry.

types of infantry role

Airbourne Infantry

Based in: Colchester, St Athan

  • Join an elite team
  • Test your fitness in extreme conditions
  • Be part of the Army’s rapid reaction force
  • Ready to move anywhere in the world at short notice

light infantry

Based in: Aldershot, Windsor, Hounslow, Edinburgh, Woolwich, Cyprus, Chester, Chepstow, Lisburn

  • Ready to fight and ready to win
  • The light role is at the heart of the action
  • You’ll spend your time keeping fit, training with weapons and on exercise to ensure you stay sharp
  • Travel around the world to develop your skills in any environment

Armoured Infantry

Based in: Catterick, Bulford, Tidworth, Warminster, Paderborn (Germany)

  • Enter the battlefield with heavy armoured vehicles
  • Use your Infantry skills outside of the vehicles
  • Train all over the world

Specialised Infantry

Based in: Aldershot, Belfast, Weeton, Cottesmore

  • Selected from all the different Infantry regiments
  • Work in small teams to provide bespoke skills for complicated tasks
  • Train, mentor, assist and advise other units such as Military, Police and the British Military at home and overseas
  • Take on challenging missions from anti-terror to humanitarian relief

Mechanised Infantry

Based in: Pirbright, Edinburgh

  • Spend your time keeping fit and training on exercise to stay sharp
  • Use heavily protected vehicles, such as the Mastiff and Boxer
  • Develop yourself in one of the Infantry opportunities: Sniper, Medic and more

Light Mechanised Infantry

Based in: Inverness, Catterick, Tern Hill

  • Work as a light role soldier with the added support of the Foxhound
  • Join the battle in the most agile protected vehicle
  • Take your place as one of the crew, from Driver to Gunner