Armoured Cavalry Crewman

Royal Armoured Corps

Feel the adrenaline on the new AJAX fighting vehicle

"You’ll take your vehicle into combat and bring back vital information to your commander. It’s all about stealth, speed, teamwork and keeping a cool head in battle."

Driving fast armoured vehicles like the Scimitar and Spartan you'll be part of a tight-knit team operating near the front line. You'll be trained to gather information about the enemy and carry out fast attack missions. When you're not on operations, you'll enjoy everything that life in your regiment offers – like playing sport and taking part in adventurous training. 


Tank Crewman

Go into battle with devastating fire power


The Guards are proven in combat as light and mechanised infantry and train across the world.

Gunner-Armoured AS90

A 45-tonne weapon - and you're in charge