Household Cavalry Officer

Royal Armoured Corps

Lead men on horseback and in combat

"As a Household Cavalry Officer, you may well get to wear a gleaming uniform and ride a horse on state occasion, you'll also learn how to lead a four vehicle troop of AJAX fighting vehicles."

Officers in the Household Cavalry lead four-strong units of Scimitar armoured vehicles an operations. They scout ahead of the front line, gathering information and carrying out fast attacks. They also spend time stationed with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in central London, carrying out public duties and performing at high-profile events. Wherever you are, you'll be leading a team of highly-trained soldiers and helping them maintain the highest standards in everything they do. 


  • Focus on combat
  • Train on the AJAX armoured vehicle
  • Become a reconnaissance/surveillance specialist
  • Perform mounted ceremonial duties
  • Enjoy a varied role.


Step 1
You begin with Officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which lasts for 44 weeks. You learn what’s expected of a British Army Officer and how to lead soldiers on and off the battlefield.

Step 2
Next, you’ll head to Bovington to complete your technical and tactical training on your Troop Leaders Course. The 6 month course will cover all aspects of vehicle driving, maintenance, gunnery, communications and tactical movement as well as developing your communication, leadership and management skills. Following first command as a Troop Leader of a AJAX Troop you will be offered the opportunity to compete your ceremonial riding course to prepare you for mounted ceremonial duties in the heart of London.:


Age: 17 years 9 months - 28 years 11 months

QUALIFICATIONS: 72 UCAS points and 35 ALIS points at GCSE, (including a minimum grade C/4 in English, Maths and a science or foreign language).


Mid Thigh Pull 76kg
Medicine Ball Throw 3.1m
2km run 10m 15s(multistage fitness test)

More information about the fitness test


  • Training is accredited by the Defence Awarding Organisation, Institute of Leadership and Management and Chartered Management Institute, ranging from Levels 4 to 7.


Learn about rank progression here.


You'll earn £26,504 during your year of training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, before commissioning and becoming a Second Lieutenant, on £31,857 a year.


“Some people think the Household Cavalry is just about ceremonial work, but we are soldiers above all. Proving myself on the battlefield has given me greater confidence, and I’m certainly more decisive now. In combat, you've got to make split-second decisions, but I also enjoy being the public face of the Army. It’s definitely a career with prestige. I originally trained on the Scimitar reconnaissance vehicle but I am looking forward to the imminent arrival of the AJAX."


Once your online application has been approved, you'll have an interview with a recruiter, who will talk to you about the corps that you would like to join. You'll have the chance to learn more about your chosen corps, although you won't make your final decision until you're in training at Sandhurst.