Geographic Technician

Royal Engineers

Provide crucial analysis of terrain

“I have represented the Regiment at rugby, spent a week sailing and gained qualifications that will help in later life.”

Where’s the best place to build a helicopter landing site? What’s the best route for a tank? And where would a missile do the most damage? Geographic Technicians answer all these questions and more. Trained in hi-tech Geographic Information Systems (GIS), they analyse the landscape and give us vital data about it. Join us in this key role and you’ll learn to scan satellite pictures for enemy sites, make 3D models of the battlefield, plan special routes and more. Your training can take you far – within and outside the Army – plus, you’ll get to travel and do sports with mates.


Operator Technical Intelligence

Analyse, interpret and translate to make a difference.

Electronic Warfare Systems Operator

Intercepting and attacking enemy communications

Design Draughtsman

Be vital to building projects worldwide