Movement Controller

Royal Logistic Corps

Co-ordinate worldwide movement of personnel and equipment

“In three years as a Movement Controller I have worked alongside all three services as well as having the privilege to work alongside other nationalities.”

As a Movement Controller you'll be at the centre of defence activity internationally and co-ordinate the movement of soldiers and equipment all over the world. It’s your job to direct and prepare troops, vehicles and equipment for transport by road, rail, sea and air. It’s a great opportunity to travel whilst gaining qualifications that are recognised outside the Army. You need to be organised and good with people, including the UK's Allied partners, commercial organisations and senior soldiers and officers. It also helps if you’re able to think on your feet.


Postal and Courier Operator

Be the link between troops and families

Logistic Specialist-Royal Engineers

Could you mastermind vital supply lines?

Gunner-Artillery Logistic Specialist

Make sure your team has supplies