Electrical Engineer-Comms

Royal Signals

Vital battle-winning electrical infrastructure management and installation

"As an electrician, each day is different and you can expect to be deployed into various roles and locations that provide exciting opportunities as well as a varied and challenging job role."

Whether they’re in the desert or a jungle camp, our units need electricity. You'll set up power generators on battlefields and military bases that run everything from lighting to communications systems. You learn your skills in the classroom and on the job, which means the training’s well-rounded. Once you’re qualified, you’ll know how to charge secondary cell batteries and set up field power networks too. With your talents, our soldiers will have the power they need, wherever they are. And when you’re not travelling the world? You’ll make friends, get qualifications and try all kinds of sports.


Electronics Technician

Repair electronics, lasers, rader, robotics and more

Engineer IT Systems Operator

Be the key to clear communications

Comms Engineer-Installation

Install fibre networks underpinning Army global communications