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Personal & Contact Details

Date of Birth

You won't be able to change this once you've registered.

Fill in each box with the day (DD), month (MM) and year (YYYY) of your birth. For example, if you were born on 8th of December 1994 you would type in 08 12 1994.

Personal Details

First and surnames should be the same as they appear on your birth certificate or passport.

Make sure you've typed your first name(s) and surname in full, just as they appear on your passport or birth certificate. Please do not use initials or shortened names.

Make sure you use the correct upper and lower case letters.

If you have a middle name, or more than one middle name, include these too. For example, if your name is John Henry Adam Smith, you would type John Henry Adam in the First name(s) box and Smith in the surname box.


Contact Details

We will use the details below to get in touch by phone, text or email about your registration and application. Please make sure that you give us contact details that you have regular access to.

We may use your number to get in touch about Army careers. If we do not have your phone number then we will contact you by email.

This should be your own personal email address. You will use it to log in to your Army online account, and we will use it to send you important information. Please make sure you have typed it correctly.