Mountain biking Learn the techniques needed for mountain bike journeys, then improve your leadership skills until you reach the level of mountain bike coach.



KayakingOpen Canoeing and Inland, Sea and Surf Kayaking disciplines, in centres both in the UK and overseas.



SkiingLearn to ski in a range of different disciplines, including downhill, Nordic and ski mountaineering.



CavingTrain both in the UK and overseas, and gain skills to explore both non-vertical and vertical systems.



MountaineeringLearn how to operate in mountainous terrain safely all year round, including abseiling and rock climbing. Progress from beginner to instructor.



SailngBecome a confident sailor, with the shore-based and on-board sailing courses.



SubaquaLearn to dive in open water, then progress to rescue experience and eventually dive leadership.



ParaglidingBecome a paragliding pilot, with training in the UK or overseas.



GlidingGain skills in airmanship, navigation, air law and field landings. You could then train to become an instructor.



ParachutingEarn qualifications as you develop as a freefall parachutist, both in the UK and overseas.




A female team of British soldiers have just successfully crossed the Antarctica coast-to-coast via the South Pole.

They are the first all-female group, and have proved that women have the mental strength and physical endurance to operate in the most hostile environment on earth.


The route: The team’s route was approximately 1,700km. Covering 20-30km each day, they expected the expedition to take around 70 days in total. Carrying everything they needed for each 600km leg, in order to survive, they made it ahead of schedule, in just 62 days!


'We’ve all found that inner confidence and strength. It’s great if people are inspired but I’m a normal person. I’m not this crazy, active all the time, person. I just saw a challenge and set myself to it.' - Expedition leader, Major Nicola Weatherill

The Icemaiden team

Exercise Dragon Descent

11 members of the Combined Services Caving Association head into caves to explore 9 km of chambers and passages under France and Spain.

Pacific Longbow Expedition

In late 2017, the 72ft Sail Training Yacht 'Discoverer' set off for a 51 week voyage. The 14 legs, include two Atlantic crossings, the Panama canal, Hawaii and both the east and west coast of America, are being navigated by over 170 members of the Army.

Gurka Everest 2017 Expedition

15 May 2017 saw the first time serving Gurka soldiers stood on the summit of Mount Everest. This was the second attempt for the team, having stopped their first attempt in 2015 to help the rescue operation on the mountain following the massive earthquake in the region in 2015.