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Events running through September; Please feel free to come along and speak to us.

Where to find us. All events are running between 9am and 4pm

  • Monday 2 Sept: Eastleigh High Street, Andover High Street, Southampton Guildhall Square, Southampton Bargate
  • Tuesday 3 Sept: Southampton Guildhall Square
  • Wednesday 4 Sept: Southampton Guildhall Square, Southampton Bargate
  • Friday 6 Sept: Isle of Wight - Newport St Thomas Square, Cowes Kings Square
  • Saturday 7 Sept: Isle of Wight - Newport St Thomas Square, Cowes Kings Square

Don't forget that we're always happy to chat, and if you don't find us out and about you can always visit our career centres - we're happy to answer any questions you might have.

Soldiers on exercise


Jess explains how the Army gave her the freedom to learn on the job and gain valuable qualifications along the way. As well as her day-to-day job as an Army medic, Jess gets to prioritise her sports and fitness which aids teamwork and group skills.


Being a soldier in the Royal Armoured Corps allowed Kieran to gain qualifications and become a Mechanical Engineer. Through the Army he was able to learn how to drive a car and operate a 62-tonne tank, alongside developing a passion for running along the beaches of Cornwall. Watch the video to find out more.


You could join the Infantry where you’ll be trained as an expert in modern combat.. You'll also have the chance to choose a more specialist role, including; Machine Gunner, Mortar Operator, Driver and Sniper.

You may join as a Light Cavalry Crewman driving strong armoured vehicles that can make the difference in conflict. You could be driving or using heavy weapons but you’ll always be working as part of a close-knit team.

Whichever role you do, you’ll get the chance to do Adventurous Training like rock climbing, skiing or parachuting, play sport and gain a range of qualifications, such as driving licences.

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