Army Officers lead and care for their soldiers.

Officers make sure that their teams of soldiers have the right skills and motivation to perform at their very best.

What is an Army Officer?

Officers are the Army's leaders. They are selected for their potential and begin their careers in positions of management and command responsibility after being trained at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

There's no better feeling than earning the trust of your team and being empowered to develop them to become the best they can be – and there are few bigger rewards than knowing your purpose is to make the world a safer and more secure place.

Why become an Officer?

The biggest team you’ll ever join. The most important job you’ll ever do. A place to realise your potential – and make a real difference in the world. From preventing terrorism to providing humanitarian aid to people in need, the British Army is driven to make the world a safer, better place.

At the heart of everything we do are our Officers, making split-second decisions in critical situations, often in demanding conditions. They command some of the best soldiers in the world, setting a benchmark for success and supporting their team to overcome any challenge.

Always leading from the front, whether on the front line, on land, sea or in the air, in a combat role, in a supporting role or working in a headquarters. There are a number of different Officer roles in the Army and each one plays a vital part in our success, at home and overseas.

With or without a degree, there's opportunity for you here: if you've the potential, drive and determination, we'll provide you with all the training you need to lead some of the best soldiers in the world.

Working with state-of-the-art technology and being set on a path of rewarding career progression right from the moment you join, being part of the British Army gives you the opportunity to work for a dynamic, innovative, supportive employer and enjoy one of the most meaningful jobs in the world.

ways to join


You can start your Army officer career at the age of 18 - you don't need a degree, just good A Levels or equivalents. You can gain a degree while serving as an officer and, if you're still in education, you might be interested in our scholarship and bursaries. These offer extra financial support while at school or university, where you can also join a University Officer Training Corps, a branch of Sandhurst. This will support your personal development and pay you while training with the Army.

Once at Sandhurst you'll learn military and management skills and further develop your potential ready to start leading soldiers. You’ll also make friendships that will last a lifetime. Your life as an Army officer will vary depending on the capbadge that you choose.

You'll find yourself in a management position from the start, with a team of soldiers working for you in one of the Army's many branches of expertise. It is one of the world's most rewarding jobs and your leadership will make all the difference.


We regularly hold events to help people thinking about a career as an Army officer understand more about what life as an officer is like.

Currently these are being held online. Hear from Platoon Commanders and Officer Cadets from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, as well as serving junior Officers at an insight day, or get a closer look at Army life from a female perspective at one of our online presentations.


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If you're hoping to become an Army Officer, you could qualify for one of the generous financial support packages, bursaries and scholarships available. These are aimed at candidates during further and higher education. More information about the schemes, and how to apply is found in the financial support section.


While you're in training at Sandhurst, you'll not only learn soldiering skills, but also how to lead and manage. Once you pass out, your development doesn't stop there. Throughout your career you will be encouraged to take part in a number of training courses and study for a wide range of civilian-recognised qualifications.


Joining the Army is more than your normal 9-5 job. Find out more about what you can expect when you join, including pay and benefits, and rank progression. There's also further information about day to day life and sport and Adventurous Training opportunities for officers and soldiers.

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