You'll normally work 8.30am to about 5pm, Monday to Friday. Depending on your role, you will usually spend this time in an office, workshop or medical centre on base.

When you're on exercise or operations, you'll be away from your routine life. Operations can last up to 6 months, and you're usually given plenty of notice.


When you start your training, you'll be given accommodation at the the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. You'll live with the other officer cadets. Once you've finished your training, you'll usually have the option of living in the Officers' Mess. Here you'll share some facilities, but have your own space too. You will have to pay for your food and accommodation, however it is subsidised.


Sport is a big part of Army life. We know that playing sport regularly improves not only your physical fitness, but also your team work and brings a sense of camaraderie - all of which are so important to being a great soldier. You'll be encouraged to try new sports as well as developing your existing skills. There are competitions that you can take part in at different levels from a local level to the Olympic Games.