You'll normally work 8.30am to about 5pm, Monday to Friday, and you'll be free to do what you like in the evenings and weekends - this is usually working on base, using your trade skills or developing new ones.


When you're on exercise or operations, you'll be away from your routine life. Operations can last up to 6 months, and you're usually given plenty of notice.


Being in the Army doesn't only give you a job it gives you a home too. From the moment you start your training, you will be given somewhere to live - you'll be living with other people on your course. Once you've left to join your regiment you'll have more options - including a family home for you and your family if you need it.

You'll have plenty of free time - most days you'll finish work and will be able to spend your evenings however you like. You'll be able to take advantage of facilities on camp, or leave the base to spend time in the local area. Most of the time, you're able to go away at the weekend too if you want - as long as you're back in time for work on Monday.


We know that when you decide to join the Army, your friends and family will have loads of questions. Most importantly want to know that you'll be looked after.

 We talked to some parents about how they felt when their daughter told them that she wanted to become a soldier. Find out what they worried about, and how they feel now.

More info for parents and guardians


When you arrive for your training, you'll usually sleep in shared rooms with other people on your course. These will be single sex rooms. You'll eat in the cookhouse with the other recruits on your course too. When you've finished your training and head to join your regiment or unit, here you can expect to be given your own room in the barracks. You'll share a kitchen and living area, but have your own private space too. Houses are available if you have a family.


Sport is a big part of Army life. We know that playing sport regularly improves not only your physical fitness, but also your team work and brings a sense of camaraderie - all of which are so important to being a great soldier. You'll be encouraged to try new sports as well as developing your existing skills. There are competitions that you can take part in at different levels from a local level to the Olympic Games.