There are Army Reserve units all over the country, so there should be one near you. Each unit is part of the same Corps as the Regular Army, so you will learn the same trade skills as a full time soldier. You'll work and train at your local centre, and usually spend one evening a week there for training night.
You'll get away for weekends and on the annual training exercise (normally 2 weeks), where you can develop your skills, train with other soldiers (both regulars and reservists) or get involved with adventurous training activities like sailing or mountain biking.

Reserve centre finder

Most people serve near where they live. There are Army Reserve centres across Britain, who will welcome you in for a chat and to see what it's like.


National units recruit from all over the UK. More specialised than regional units, they're aimed at people with specialist skills, but some will train from scratch. If you want to use the skills from your day job in the Army Reserve – whether you’re a police officer, doctor, engineer, chef, media relations expert or cyber security specialist – a national unit could be the place for you.


You will probably need to travel to get to your unit, so you won't be expected to join a weekly training night, your time with the unit will be at weekends and annual training camp.

If you're interested in joining one of the units listed, and you have the right qualifications or experiences, call the National Recruiting Centre on 0345 600 8080 for more information.


167 Catering Support Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps - Based in Grantham (Lincs), recruiting trained chefs as well as individuals to be trained as chefs. Catering is a life skill and many Army chefs use their military skills to get jobs in the hospitality industry.

National Reserves HQ Royal Artillery - All Arms Staff Pool - Providing All Arms Watchkeepers and Liaison Officers. Based in Woolwich. Experienced officers and soldiers from other units will be considered.

221 Wessex Battery, NRHQ RA - The RA Specialist skills pool based at Larkhill and recruiting Gunnery Staff trained officers and Senior NCOs, Regimental Instructors or RA members with niche skills and experience. For more information contact 01980 845471

255 TACP Battery, NRHQ RA
- The Reserve TACP unit based in Bath and working on Regional terms and conditions although part of a National unit. An exciting opportunity to train and be current at calling in Close Air Support. For more information contact 02087 813012

Land Information Assurance Group (LIAG) - Providing information assurance and IT security skills to protect UK sensitive military information. Specialist I.T. skills from industry required. Skills needed are: disaster recovery planning, secure architecture planning, vulnerablility assessment, penetration testing, data recovery, computer forensics, incident management and software engineering. Based in Corsham (Wilts).

15 Sig Reg, 254 (Specialist Group Information Services) Signals Squadron - Providing expertise in computer, software and network operations to assure the passage of information between deployed commanders in a theatre of operations. Specialist I.T. skills from industry required. Based in Blandford Forum.

81 Signals Squadron, Royal Signals - Information technicians, B.T. line engineers and associated skills. Based in Corsham.

Joint Cyber Unit (JCU) - Combat cyber attack on MOD assets. A recently formed unit who are at the forefront of Cyber Warfare here in the UK. Relevant industry skills required. Based in Corsham and Cheltenham.

170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group - Delivering an operational infrastructure engineering service to Defence and other Government Departments worldwide. Construction, Engineering, Utilities or relevant industry qualifications required. Based in Nottingham. For more information contact 0115 957 2170

77 Brigade - Media and Psychological Operations and stabilisation support. Based near Newbury (Berks).

Military Provost Staff (MPS) - Specialists in custody and detention. Relevant custodial officer skills required. Based in Colchester, and nationally.

2 Operational Support Group (2 OSG RLC) & 500 Communications (Comms) troop, based in Grantham. Supporting Medical Services on Operations, through equipment and communication systems.

Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI), based in Thatcham. Recruiting civilians with specialist skills for intelligence-focussed activity for not only military operations but also civil contingency operations.

306 Hospital Support Medical Regt - Healthcare professionals to support the Field Hospitals in partnership with the NHS and allied healthcare companies. Based near York.

335 Medical Evacuation Regt - Healthcare professionals to support  pre-hospital care unit specialising in forward (including Ground MERT) and tactical MEDEVAC. Based near York.

Central Reserves Headquarters Army Medical Services (CRHQ AMS). Based in Strensall near York.  Administering three national units, requiring trainined individuals with existing medical skills, transferring from other medical units.

Medical Operational Support Group (MOSG) - Pre-qualified Medical Staff officers supporting medical operations.

Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI) - Professional trained personnel to extend the capability of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade.

Defence Cultural Specialist Unit (DSCU) - Linguists and cultural (country) specialists to help understanding of the human terrain.

Special Investigation Branch Regt. Royal Military Police (SIB branch RMP) - Together with RMP units, provides a military policing and special investigation footprint across the UK. Military investigation skills required.

AGC Education and Training Service Reserve (AGC ETS (R)) - Teachers and trainers for Regular and Reservist personnel across  the UK Army Education Centres. Relevant teaching qualifications required. Based at Worthy Down.

AGC (Army Legal Service) (AGC ALS (R)) - Recruiting qualified Lawyers.

412 Amphibious Troop, Royal Engineers - Based in Bielefeld, Germany, provide amphibious bridging capability.

19 Tank Transporter Squadron, Royal Logistic Corps - Recruited and employed by fast Trax KBR to use and maintain the Heavy Equipment Transport fleet of vehicles. Based in Bulford.

1 Military Working Dogs Reg (101 Military Working Dog Squadron). Based in North Luffenham, we are looking for qualified Veterinary officers and nurses, as well as dog handlers (no qualifications needed)

Reserve soldier on exercise



"For me, being a Reservist has allowed me to enhance my skills whilst getting paid at the same time"

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"I really enjoy the diversity that having a role in the Army Reserve alongside my full time job provides."