The best decision you can make is an informed one, so take time to educate yourself about our principles & values.


Soldiers and officers must know what the right thing to do is and be brave enough to do it.


Soldiers must always be honest, sincere, reliable and selfless. Soldiers must be loyal to the Army and be ready to do as it asks. The country relies upon it.


The Army has to be a disciplined force, so every soldier needs to follow the rules and be responsible for themselves.



Loyalty is about supporting your team, looking after and helping them even when the going gets tough. In return, they do the same for you.

Women in the Army

Everyone who joins the Army has the same challenges, rewards and opportunities. Women have access to the same jobs, pay, training and promotion as men.

Faiths in the Army

The Army will always try to help you observe the customs of your religion. All soldiers who serve while following their faith are able to balance the needs of the service and their spiritual needs.

The LGBT+ community

Everyone in the Army, no matter what their sexual orientation, has the right to be treated fairly with dignity and respect. Recognising that we are all different and using those differences to benefit the team is what the Army is all about.