A Soldier is a soldier

There are no ‘female soldiers’ in the British Army.

Just soldiers.

A soldier is a soldier.

Equal pay.
Equal opportunities.
Equal expectations.

Find a career defined by skill not gender.

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"Being in the Army gives me great career opportunities. Pay scales are transparent so I know I'm being paid the same as my male colleagues."

The British Army is at the forefront of equal pay, with men and women on the same payscale. It's not just in the pay packet that women are equal. They are also treated with the same respect as their male colleagues.


your questions answered...

We hear lots of questions every day from women who are thinking of joining the Army. This video covers some of the most popular topics, from sleeping arrangements to periods.

frequently asked questions

Will I receive the same pay and promotion?

Men and women are on the same pay scale and are paid according to rank. The Army promotes people based on their performance, capability and potential. Every soldier receives an annual report and the best people are selected for promotion.

Do I have to do the same training as male candidates?

Men and women get the same high standard of training. All role related fitness standards are the same, and unrelated to gender. This makes sure that everyone is fit enough to do the job.

Will I be able to involve my family in events?

Yes the Army host many family days at local units. There are good, established communities with provision for ensuring your family are involved with your Army life.

Will I deploy on operations?

In the main part, yes, deployment is part of being in the Army. If there are specific reasons why you cannot deploy at anytime you may be able to look at restricted separation as per the flexible working policy.

Does the Army care about my welfare?

The Army takes the welfare of all its soldiers very seriously, and offers a wide range of support.

Where will I sleep?

At initial training you will have a single sex dormitory. When training is complete you will be placed in unit housing, most units now have en-suite accommodation for single soldiers. Those who are married, in a civil partnership or single with children will be entitled to a house.

If I'm based abroad, where will my children go to school?

Whilst in countries like Cyprus, there will be a school for service children. However, there is usually an option to board your children in a UK school whilst you are posted abroad.

Do I have to be fit to join the Army?

The Army has fitness standards which need to be both met and maintained. You don't need to worry about these, as they are at a level that, with training, women can meet.


A hijab may be worn by Muslim female soldiers and officers with all orders of dress.


When conducting normal duties one small stud may be worn in each ear.


Hair may be worn in plait, braid, twist, cornrows or locks.

extensions & fillers

Hair extensions, eyelash extensions and lip fillers are permitted  as long as they are natural looking.


When in ceremonial uniform only a wedding ring can be worn.


No bright nail polish is allowed, however nails can be manicured and, even painted if natural-looking.

the locker - explore the army lifestyle 

Female soldiers and officers are involved in every aspect of Army life. Watch some of our videos to find out how women in the Army are a part of every thing that the Army does - from operations to sporting achievements.